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Promote Extraordinary Intimacy and Reduce Divorce Rates!


These are the goals of our workshops*:

“Research suggests that marital breakdown is often like the build-up before a mud slide. Years of erosion underneath the ground's surface can go unnoticed -- until that final rainstorm hits. Then the whole hill comes sliding down. Unfortunately, no one goes through life 'rainstorm-free.' Stresses such as staying afloat financially, raising children, work concerns, plans for the future, etc... affect every couple. PREP's workshops for couples are designed to help you protect your marriage from erosion, as well as regain any ground you may have lost."

Fighting for Your Marriage workshops allow couples to laugh and learn as we share:

The Tremendous Joy of Connecting...
Marriage can be an oasis of acceptance and appreciation. For everyone who wants to be understood, here's a simple but effective tool to bring insight and closeness to your relationships.

Four Danger Signs...
Research has revealed the top reasons that marriages are weakened or even destroyed. Learn about the four key risk factors and the steps you can take to eliminate all these kinds of danger signs from your relationship.

You Are So So So Different!
Gain fresh insights into why men and women see life so differently. You'll leave with a whole new appreciation for who you are--and whom you love.

Enjoy the Good Times...
More than "Don't worry, Be Happy," learn the secrets of keeping busyness from crowding out the fun in your marriage.

No Matter What!
All of us need to improve our skills when it comes to loving the most important people in our lives. It doesn't matter whether you have a newfound love, you're gritting your teeth as your teen gets his license, or your youngest has left you with an empty nest.

The Fighting for Your Marriage Workshop is your chance to learn the insights and skills to help you enjoy your marriage no matter where you are today or what tomorrow may bring. No matter what --don't miss out!”

JOIN Jack and Sheryl at a Christian PREP Workshop.

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*Material quoted from Prep®, Inc.

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