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Good Shepherd offers therapy using the Theophostic process for the healing of emotional pain found in traumatic memories. We have found this process to be extremely helpful as an adjunct to traditional forms of therapy. The process is being used successfully by thousands of mental health professionals, religious leaders and lay ministers around the world.

Good Shepherd also offers the Basic Training Course in Theophostic Ministry for groups interested in using this process.

To learn more specifics about this process and to read Theophostic Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

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To locate a practitioner using the Theophostic principles in their ministry, click here, and type in the name of YOUR STATE or a nearby state.

Click on Contact Us to request a copy of Healing Life’s Deepest Hurts in order to read more about the Theophostic process, or to request an appointment for a Theophostic session.

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