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"Having heard Jack and Sheryl present to groups of Christian counselors, to my clients, my family, and to my wife and me, we have all found the presentations to be inspiring, practical, and enjoyable. Their presentations are a lively mix of scripture, solid research, their personal testimony, audience participation (unforced), highlights from successful authors, and perhaps the most readable, useful handouts I have ever gotten from a seminar. Any marriage or love relationship would benefit from these classes, and I couldn't recommend these gifted teachers with more confidence." (March 2004)
-   Paul F. Schmidt, Ph.D.,
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Author of Coping with Difficult People, (Westminster Press)

“We had a pretty good marriage already, just the normal wear and tear. Then we went to Fighting for Your Marriage, what a difference! I cannot tell you what this has done for us!!”
- Ed and Kathy Shea, Chicago

“My mother gave this seminar to us as an engagement gift nine years ago. This is one gift we’re still using! Thanks, Mom!”
- John and Kass Paterson, Denver

“If you are married, this seminar is a must. When we were dating, our love didn’t have near the depth that we enjoy now.” - John and Pat Metz, Adelphi

“No program is perfect, but this one is darned close! I am glad I came!”
- U. S. Marine, Camp Pendleton, California

"Excellent program. Thanks, Sheryl and Jack. You are special!"

"It is important to see yourself through your partner's eyes and focus on what they like."

" Your childhood experiences affect you today. I plan to find out more about how to understand this in myself and my partner."

" I learned the importance of praying and that God can heal the wounds." "I enjoyed the XYZ method and floor card with my spouse."

- From 2004 participants at St. Andrew By-The-Sea United Methodist Church, Hilton Head Island, SC.


“I have been praying many years for people to discover from sound research why married couples separate and how to help them stay together in a loving way. I truly believe God has given us such a team in Scott Stanley and his colleagues. I not only give this book ‘two thumbs up,’ but lift both my hands in thanksgiving to God for the work they are doing.”
- Gary Smalley, Author

"A Lasting Promise is packed full of practical skills that are research-based and Christ-centered. Step by step you’ll draw closer together to enjoy the love God desires for you.”
- Tim Clinton, President,
   American Association of Christian Counselors


“This book makes lasting love achievable.”
- John Gray, author of “Men are from Mars....”

“I love this book! It’s like hiring your own top-notch relationship coach for twelve hours and getting a lifetime’s worth of lessons for creating a loving, lasting marriage.”
- Michele Weiner Davis, author of The Sex Starved Marriage and Divorce Busting

“It actually makes working on your marriage fun. In fact, it introduces an approach that believes having fun is one of the hallmarks of a successful marriage.”
- Diane Sollee, founder of SmartMarriages.com

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