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Marriage can be an oasis of acceptance and appreciation.


NOTE. Please read this page carefully. Feel free to call or email us.

General Information:
Intimate groups of 12 couples and large classes of over 100 folks are each appropriate workshop sizes, depending on the objectives of the host agency. Good Shepherd charges the same per day fees for small or large groups. The host can underwrite these fees and then charge each participant an appropriate registration fee.

Most any setting is suitable, ranging from motel conference rooms, retreat centers, college classrooms to church social halls, as long as the meeting room is equipped with comfortable padded chairs and tables to write upon. Usually a neutral setting is recommended which is open to the public as a service to the community.

The program teaching format includes the projection of PowerPoint slides as well as DVDs and VHS tapes. Good Shepherd can provide all needed AV equipment if necessary at no extra charge.

HOSTS need to decide:

1. LENGTH of workshop.
A. One day, 6-7 hours.
B. 1.5 days, 9 hours, 1st evening 6-9, 2nd day 9-4.
C. Two days, 12 -14 hours.
D. Choose a Weekday or Weekend setting.

2. SIZE of Group. 12 couples to hundreds; a private group or open to the public.

3. SETTING. Location, classes only, refreshments, lunch or meals, provided or extra cost?

4. DATES. Select several dates which fit your program year. Avoid school holidays. Contact us to negotiate a date. Short notice requests can often be filled. It is best to plan 6 to 12 months out.

5. CONTRACT with us for a date and a program cost agreement.

6. PUBLICITY and recruitment coordination with Good Shepherd. We can provide draft fliers.

7. FINANCIAL CONSIDERATIONS. Program costs vary and are negotiable but usually include a presentation fee and a roundtrip airfare travel fee. The presentation fee is $1,000 per day for Friday through Sunday and $800 per day for Monday through Thursday. The travel fee is roundtrip airfare for two from Louisville, KY (SDF).

8. REGISTRATION FEE. This is your choice. What will you charge participants: to cover your expenses partially or fully; to cover the cost of “A Lasting Promise” text per couple; to ensure that registrants value the workshop because they are invested in it financially, etc.?

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