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    Jack and Sheryl Morrison make an energizing and inspiring husband-wife training team as they conduct Christian PREP® workshops. They are blessed with a vibrant faith in Christ and an extraordinary marital intimacy, which become transparent and compelling in the workshop setting.  
  Participating couples are encouraged to strive for a fully open, honest and loving connectedness in their marriages, including the intellectual, emotional, sensual and spiritual dimensions.

BACKGROUND. After serving as a Methodist minister and US Army chaplain for 39 years, Jack established Good Shepherd Ministries as an agency which would combine the highest quality of professional behavioral health services with the ancient Judeo-Christian traditions of compassion and healing. Jack is a licensed therapist, an AAPC Fellow, an AAMFT Supervisor and holds the Doctor of Ministry degree in Psychology and Clinical Studies.

Sheryl, a retired high school guidance counselor, has an MA in counseling. Their training team was formally established by their marriage in 2002, when Jack was a widower after a marriage of 39 years and Sheryl was a divorcee from a marriage of 33 years. They have five adult children, four grandchildren, and Mac, their own therapy dog.

Current Offerings. As speakers, teachers and leaders of workshops and retreats, Jack and Sheryl are entertaining and engaging. Their personal stories of loss, healing and receiving the gift of finding love again will stir the heart and soul.

They present state-of- the-art relationship tools drawn from the very best professionals in the marriage and family field. Move your marital intimacy up to the extraordinary level by having Jack and Sheryl provide PREP training in your church or community.

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Mac the Therapy Dog
Mac, the Therapy Dog
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